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BrainCo & Brain-Computer Interface

As a pioneering unicorn company in the brain-computer interface (BCI) arena, BrainCo is at the forefront of advancing the core technologies behind BCIs. By creating a direct channel for signal transmission between the brain and external devices, it enables seamless communication, providing innovative solutions for the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities, autism, and other neurological conditions.

Moving forward, BrainCo is committed to further exploring the non-invasive BCI field, leveraging this groundbreaking technology to support and improve the lives of those seeking help.

NeuroMaker's Origin

Incubated From the Harvard iLab

" Why can only 4% of the people who need intuitive prosthetics afford them? "

Four Harvard students asked this questions, and just three year later became BrainRobotic's founders. The answer is an advanced AI and BMI-powered prosthetic that could be offered at a fraction of the cost of existing myoelectroc devices. 

Group of students amazed by NeuroMaker HAND.

" As our students develop solutions that truly benefit those in need, they go beyond simply creating devices; they are shaping hope and forging opportunities for themselves and the world. "

Jianing Li,

Inventor of NeuroMaker HAND

At NeuroMaker, our mission is to inspire students to embark on an exciting journey of project-based learning experiences based on real-world problems and industry technology in the realms of AI and BCI (brain-computer interface).

With our scalable hardware, cutting-edge curriculum, and engaging challenges, we empower students to create real-world applications that bridge the gap between the human brain and computers while introduce them to the foundations of neuroscience, biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, coding, and engineering design, all while building interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and self-efficacy.

Students who choose to participate in our complimentary, remote-friendly, and inclusive creative challenge have their work evaluated by industry experts and our research scientists within the fields of Neuroscience, Product Development, and Product Design. In addition to gaining first-hand experience with the engineering design process, students have the opportunity to receive prize money as a result of their performance.

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