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Unlock Your Mind's Potential with NeuroMaker BCI 

The Most Accessible Brain-Computer Interface Hardware Designed for Education, All in Browser.

Your Brain Controls Everyting. 

NeuroMaker BCI combines a comfortable AI-powered EEG headband with activities and games that introduce students to the exciting worlds of

Illustration of Neuroscience.


A student programming their brainwave using a laptop.

Machine Learning

Data analysis with bar plot.

Signal Processing

NeuroMaker BCI headband.
Illustration of artificial intelligence.

Ethical Implications of BCI

Visualize Your Cognitive Power

Dive into the basics of neuroscience and observe your brain's activity in real time. Experience a detailed view of various raw signals and attention/ meditation levels via our machine learning algorithms. Record, analyze, and interpret your brainwave data.

The front side of a Macbook.
A brainwave visualization interface.

 Experience brainwave controlled games from our meditation products that help Olympic athletes and Formula One drivers achieve peak performance and embark on your journey to mental mastery.

Engage with Neurofeedback Games

hurdle game
Particle game
Un-blur image
Weightlifting game
car racing

Effortless Implementation and  Maintenance

With just a Chrome browser, you can unlock the full potential of BCI — it's fully optimized for Chromebooks too. The headband is designed for durability and ease of use; its gold-plated electrodes require no replacement and minimal special storage. 

Two students looking at a small drone controlled by their brainwave.

Your Brain Controls Everything

Transform your STEM classes by coding your real-time brainwave data with NeuroMaker BCI. Command and control an exciting array of devices – from drones and robotic cars to LEDs and more. Seamlessly integrate with popular educational hardware such as Micro:bit and Arduino, along with their corresponding coding platforms.


The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is an annual, open design competition for middle and high school students around the world in order to create real-wrold solutions via the connections between Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, programming and more.

USD $1,200

First Place Award 


to Enter 


Schools in North America

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