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NeuroMaker Hand- Maker Edition

Open Source. 
Industry Derived. 
Highly Customizable. 

A versatile, open-source prototype reflecting our initial prosthetic design. Gain complete access to CAD files, source codes, and adaptable microcontrollers for unparalleled customization and recreation. 

Open Source & Recreatable

Access to CAD Files, Source Code, Schematics and more.  The entire Hand can be 3D printed  

Highly Customizable Circuit

More than 10 GPIOs support sensors, actuators and other microcontrollers. Built in DIP switch ready for wireless modules.  

NeuroMaker HAND Maker Edition.

Full Curriculum Access

As the legacy version of NeuroMaker Hand 2.0, the Maker Edition is compatible with all 100+ hours of curriculums. 

Compatible with New Hardwares

The Maker Edition works seamlessly with the NeuroMaker BCI headband and the BioSensors Kit. 

Eddie Frateschi - Brainco STILLS 77.jpg

An Actual Engineering Prototype. 

BrainRobotics Prosthetic Hand

Our Award-winning, AI powered upper limb prosthetic. 8 channel EMG enables individual finger control. 

NeuroMaker Hand Maker Edition

Our very first Proof of Concept back in 2019. Now accessible for students to build, code, learn and customize. 


The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is an annual, open design competition for middle and high school students around the world in order to create real-wrold solutions via the connections between Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, programming and more.

USD $1,200

First Place Award 


to Enter 


Schools in North America

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