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NeuroMaker Hand&BioSensor Kit
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NeuroMaker Hand 2.0

Real-World Problem Solving

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The NeuroMaker HAND 2.0 is a game-changing educational prosthetics, empowering students to bridge classroom learning with real-World applications.

Designed by our actual prosthetic hand and knee engineers, it immerses students into the challenges encountered by amputee, inspiring them to devise innovative solutions. Through hands-on building, coding, and creative problem-solving, students apply their transferrable skills, paving the way for a more inclusive and empathetic future. 

NeuroMaker Hand&BioSensor Kit

Student- Centered Projects


Expand with 23 Programmable BioSensors

Coding bracket.

Block- Based & Arduino C Coding

100+ hrs

Flexible Curriculums Modules


Programmable AI Module

Third Party Sensors & Microcontrollers

Professional Development for Easy Implementation


Brainwave Control

NeuroMaker Creative Challenge

Front of NeuroMaker HAND 2.0.
Front of NeuroMaker HAND 2.0.

Tendon-Driven, Fully Programmable Fingers

Adjustable Thumb Base

Magnetic Ring to Attach BioSensors 

Socket Designed for Hand Grip

Supports Up to 6 High-Precision Servo Motors

NeuroMaker Core Controller for Programming and Expansion

Stackable Plate

IR remote.

Flexible Finger Joints

Even with no coding, the IR Remote enables finger control, gesture customization, Biosensor pairing, and beyond. 

Build It!

An exploded view of NeuroMaker HAND 2.0.

Modular design and packaging lets you build your NeuroMaker HAND from the ground up, offering an immersive hands-on experience with every component. Organized packaging enables easy disassembly, storage and reusability. 

Use Blocks to Program in Browser

Ideal for introductory programming courses, block-based programming allow you to visualize, design, and enhance your control programs effortlessly, even if you're a novice. With built-in blocks, programming the HAND and all BioSensors becomes straightforward and accessible to everyone.

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Student coding using a laptop.

Student-Oriented Projects

Interactive, hands-on project series designed to engage students in collaborative learning environments. Teams work together through a series of progressive stages—from assembly and coding to creative problem-solving and a final capstone design challenge. With minimal direct instruction, educators serve only as facilitators, while students explore, experiment, and evolve their ideas into tangible, helpful tools for those in need. 

Sample Project

Building a Gesture Tracking Glove

Using 5 flex sensors from the BioSensor Kit, students build a gesture tracking glove that controls the prosthetic hand. 


Endless Combinations

Unlock boundless creativity with the NeuroMaker BioSensor Kit, engineered to sense muscle signals, hand gestures, body movements, and environmental factors including objects, colors, magnetic fields, and beyond. With 27 extra analog and digital ports at your disposal, elevate your projects to unparalleled heights of innovation and customization.

NeuroMaker Hand with BioSensors installed.
NeuroMaker Hand with BioSensors installed.
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Your Creation

Harness the power of your thoughts with NeuroMaker BCI, our cutting-edge EEG headband. Visualize, program, and channel your brainwaves to command the NeuroMaker Hand, transforming thought into action.

Students building NeruoMaker HAND.

Compatible Thrid-Party Microcontrollers

The NeuroMaker HAND 2.0 is designed for seamless integration with popular open-source education hardware platforms, including Micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, and more. Users can effortlessly connect and power these devices through Port F on the HAND controller.

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Micro:bit logo.
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Adafruit logo.
A person controlling NeuroMaker Hand.



100+ hrs of Curriculums, Student Projects and Activities


Select and Customize Modules to Fit Your Teaching Needs


Engaging Activities and Projects from Beginning to End


The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is an annual, open design competition for middle and high school students around the world in order to create real-wrold solutions via the connections between Brain-Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, programming and more.

USD $1,200

First Place Award 


to Enter 


Schools in North America

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