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NeuroMaker E-Learning

Less Stress, More Impact. 

Professional Development for Educators

Effortless, Adaptable, Effective, and Captivating from Start to Finish.

Explore Our Top E-Learning Course Samples!

From e-Learning Core

NeuroMaker BCI 101

Learn how to set up the BCI headband. Visualize and understand brainwaves. 

A person holding NeuroMaker BCI headband.

From e-Learning Suite

Introduction to AI

Empowering beginners to understand and apply AI principles in real-world scenarios.

DALL·E 2024-02-11 21.14.12 - An imaginative illustration of a brain-computer interface con

Focused or Extensive, You Decide. 

Master Product Fundamentals Through E-Learning CORE and Elevate Your Expertise with Our Extensive E-Learning SUITE.

Our compact, asynchronous offering and covers all of the essential product onboarding materials for those looking to get started on a budget. This valuable alternative to the e-learning Suite empowers educators with comprehensive guidance on hardware utilization, coding functions, and how to access and make the most of all available content and activities.


CORE Includes: 

  • NeuroMaker Curriculum Overview

  • Foundations of Neuroscience

  • NeuroMaker BCI 101

  • NeuroMaker Hand 101: Setup and Build

  • NeuroMaker Hand 102: After the Build

  • Intro to Programming 

  • Intro to Arduino C and Editor

  • Intro to NeuroRacing

NeuroMaker E-Learning Benefits


Training can begin immediately after registration – no need to coordinate schedules or be constrained to a 9-5 training day.


Includes a variety of learning modalities including video tutorials, step by step documentation, interactives, and assessments, appealing to all types of learners.


Work through the course at your own pace, breezing through familiar elements and spending more time on areas in which you need more support.


Receive a printable certificate of completion immediately after successful completion of any course.


Access our entire asynchronous course catalog, covering topics like artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and career connections, giving you a cost effective way to explore more content.


Your purchased “seat” in the platform gives you access to three times as many courses as are available through live training options. And that e-learning library is continuously expanding.

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