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Truly Hands on STEM Education for K12 Students and Educators

Advanced Technology Platform

Bring STEM to the next level! Apply programming and engineering to Biomedical, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and other high level fields.

Full Education Solution

Hardware, software, curriculum, distance learning plans, a competition platform and more are all included. No subscriptions or recurring payments required.

Easy to Access and Expandable

NeuroMaker curricula and activities provide opportunities for both the most and least experienced educators. Scripted STEM lessons and open ended challenges provide something for everyone.


NeuroMaker Featured in Franklin Institute Engineering for Good Series


January 26th, 2021

1 pm to 2 pm EST


Dr. Darryl Williams of the Franklin Institute will be joined by Josh Varela, Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships and Andrew Bannish, Product Manager of NeuroMaker STEM for this month’s edition of Engineering for Good. Dr. Williams will host a chat seeking to peek back the onion of designing technology for social benefit and focus on the incorporation of brain computer interfaces within education.


Join us live on  the Franklin Institute Facebook page!


Educator Reviews

Maddie (1)

Maddie Bradshaw

Founder, Edtech Classroom

“There are really dozens of reasons why you need the NeuroMaker STEM Kit in your classroom next school year, but one specific reason really hits home for me…Students and teachers are co-learners. They learn with and from each other. A learning experience truly doesn’t get more authentic than this.”

Bitemoji – Lori Lambert

Lori Lambert

STEM Teacher, Lexington 1 South Carolina

“NeuroMaker meets students’ needs from middle school to high school all the way to career in a hands on way that can get students truly engaged”

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