Multi-Unit and Classroom Solutions.

For district, school and classroom solutions, please contact our partnership team.

Wendi Glaser

Ed-tech SAAS evangelist—with a passion to arm educators with the best tools to make their jobs easier, more effective and rewarding. Passionate, driven and motivated to provide cutting edge technology with executable and scalable solutions to school districts nationwide. A former California State University, Chico and Webster University graduate with over 10+ years of experience in educational technology. STEAM advocate and enthusiast. 

Claudia Greenwell

Claudia’s passion is education and providing access for ALL students. From advocacy, program development, implementation and management, professional development to teaching, her career has encompassed it all. Claudia’s focus in this role is to continue this legacy by introducing revolutionary and ground-breaking technology to STEM classrooms and organizations across the country. 


Joshua Varela

Josh joined the team after working for over 5 years with Samsung Electronics America. Leading projects for customer success and implementation of new cutting edge technologies to the forefront. Josh is now working with Schools and STEM organizations across the United States to bring cutting edge biotechnology into educational environments.

Brett Jacquay

Brett grew up in Indiana and received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University Bloomington. His passion for Ed Tech began while at Apple Inc, and for the last 16 years he has had the privilege of partnering educators and organizations to prepare the next generation of students for the 21st century. Currently, Brett is an Account Executive at BrainCo where he leads STEM education partnerships with schools across the United States and internationally. 

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