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Countdown to Challenge Submissions

Looking for 2020 Challenge results? Please scroll to the bottom!

What is The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge?

The NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is an annual, open design competition for Middle and High School students. This competition is open to students around the world in order to investigate the connections between Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Programming and more.

Students select a problem to investigate from a theme announced by the NeuroMaker judging committee. Students form teams, conduct research on this problem, build a prototype and then virtually submit their results in a short scientific report and video.

The committee will select six finalists, three from middle school submissions and three from high school submissions. Each group of first, second and third place finalists respectively receive $1,500, $500 and $250 and recognition from Harvard and MIT alumni educators and scientists. Five additional awards will be presented to teams that recognize important engineering and personal growth traits such as empathy, creativity and perseverance. 

Registration in the NeuroMaker Creative Challenge is free for any student team that has purchased a NeuroMaker STEM kit from an approved sales channel.

Improving Life for Amputees

There are millions of people around the world that face challenges surrounding limb amputations resulting from traumatic accidents, cardiovascular disease, nerve injury and others. Each year there are more than 50,000 new amputations in the United States alone and this community must navigate a series of adjustments to a new lifestyle. Some examples of these potential challenges include:


  1. Communication: Typical body language using a hand can be a difficult transition for those using a prosthetic.
  2. Ergonomics: The fit and user experience of an amputee adjusting to a prosthetic requires detailed knowledge of biomechanics to employ correctly.
  3. Financial: Differing levels of prosthetic technology can cost beyond $100,000 which incurs large burdens on users and the organizations that help pay for them.


Your NeuroMaker Challenge:


Research: Discover issues facing amputees around the world and imagine what methods we can take to improve their life with technology. Use different learning resources to empathize with the issues facing people in this community.

Define: Out of these discovered issues, choose one to focus your efforts. Identify the user, their needs and any insights that can provide design opportunities.

Ideate and Prototype: Brainstorm different solutions to the issue you have identified. Using your NeuroMaker STEM Kit and other resources at your disposal, create material prototypes that demonstrate the effectiveness of your solution.

Refine and Present: Test your prototypes and document your learning and design process. When ready, create a video and written summary of your solution and submit these to BrainCo engineers for review.

Recognition and Development: Attend our January 2021 virtual awards ceremony and learn how others have solved the issues they have defined. Win cash prizes to further refine your solution and gain recognition from real prosthetics engineers!

2020 NeuroMaker Challenge Schedule

August 10th 2020:

NeuroMaker Challenge 2020 Theme Announced

August to December 2020:

Students form teams, research, prototype and create their written and video submissions

December 20th 2020

Deadline for written and video submissions.

January 2021:

Award winners are announced at the Virtual NeuroMaker Awards Ceremony

Ready to Submit Your Project? Complete These Steps

1. Sign up Your Teams
Please make sure that each one of your student teams have signed up on our 2020 NeuroMaker Creative Challenge Sign Up Form. You will receive a confirmation after we have received your information.
2. Submit Your Project
Once you have completed the video and written portions of your submission, please submit them to this 2020 NeuroMaker Creative Challenge Submission Link
Please make sure each of your submitted items is labelled in the following format: 
grade name. For example a submission could look like: 
3. Vote for the Awards Ceremony Date
We have two available time slots for our live awards ceremony: 
Thursday January 21st at 5 pm EST
Saturday January 23rd at 1 pm EST
Choose your preferred date with this online poll! Polls will close on December 20th and we will send all registered teams a zoom link to tune in. The ceremony will be recorded so that participants and offline parties can view the ceremony afterwards.
4. Attend our Awards Ceremony
Join us as we announce the winners! NeuroMaker 2020 awards will be presented live over zoom on January 21, 2021 from 5 pm to 6 pm EST. Sign up via our zoom link here to join. This ceremony will be recorded and posted within our resources section following the event.

NeuroMaker Creative Challenge 2020 Judging Committee

Bicheng Han

BrainCo and BrainRobotics Founder, MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35, Harvard Center for Brain Science Alumni

Dr. Wasifa Jamal

BrainCo Senior Research Scientist, MIT Brain and Cognitive Science Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Translational Fellow 2015-2016

Dr. Molei Wu

BrainRobotics Prosthetics Lead, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D University of Alabama

Andrew Bannish

Harvard Ed.M in Technology, Innovation and Education, Preferred Robotics Entry Policy Creator

2020 NeuroMaker Creative Challenge Results

After nearly a year of hard work from students around the world, the NeuroMaker Challenge judges are pleased to announce the results of the 2020 NeuroMaker Creative Challenge! Please review some of our award winning candidates below

High School Winning Submissions


High School First Place

Team Name: Team Valor

School: Valor High School, Colorado

Participants: CJ Mote, Nicolette Jamison, Claire Kim

High School Second Place

Team Name: Team Banning

School: Phineas Banning High School, California

Participants:  Suzette Camacho, Citlali Rodriguez, Angelica Velazquez, Angel Soriano

High School Third Place

Team Name: Team Commodores

School: Perry Central High School, Indiana

Participants:  Katelyn Howell, Cole Hess, Carissa Meyer, Cole Johnson

Middle School Winning Submissions

Middle School First Place

Team Name: Team Blue

School: Vinci Robotics Academy, Massachusetts

Participants: Edward Yan, Axel Orban

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